Windows Home Server MVP’s Appearing…

Over the last couple of days, the listing of WHS MVP’s on Microsoft’s MVP Site has been slowly growing.  It looks like most folks received notice of the award late on Monday, but they won’t appear on the listing unless they mark their profile to be visible to the public.

At this time I’m seeing Grey Lancaster, who has been on the listing since the category was added to the MVP site.  I’m guessing he may have been an MVP that was previously assigned to a different competency, but who got moved over to the WHS group.

Other appearances include Ken Warren.  If you ever frequent Microsoft’s WHS Forums, it seems that Ken manages to answer 90% of all questions posted. (Totally made-up statistic, but that’s the way it seems).

Also included is Terry Walsh, who runs the We Got Served blog.  Terry manages to collect and generate a great deal of information and news about WHS. His site is often the first place I see new information on WHS.

I’m very honored to be included in the list of awardees as well!  I’m not sure yet what all this MVP status really means, but I’m looking forward to finding out over the next year!

Hopefully the listing will grow a little bit more as WHS MVP awardees fill out their profiles and mark them as visible.  There has been some very strong community involvement in WHS since the early Beta days, and it’s great to see that Microsoft recognizes the positive impact of folks that make time to be involved.