Why isn’t it Soapbox.live.com?

More brand confusion is on-tap from the MSN/Live.com folks.  They are slowly opening up the beta of their Soapbox.msn.com video site.  Now many folks are going to be confused as to why this isn’t Soapbox.live.com.  It’s for user-generated content right?  That’s kinda like spaces.live.com.  It’s for sharing with your friends & family.  And strangely, the beta invitation signup appears to be handled through ideas.live.com.
Back when the whole live.com branding thing was new, there was a lot of discussion about what it all really meant.  Sanaz Ahari posted some clarifications, and then later a bit of a mea culpa on behalf of Microsoft. 
The original explanation points to the reasoning for why Soapbox is an MSN site.  MSN is about supposedly about content, and Live.com is about services.  Unfortunately, there are many problems with trying to make this distinction.  Blogging is all about content.  95% of the value of a service like spaces.live.com is the content!  Gallery.live.com? Content as well.   Yes there is a services aspect to spaces, gallery and soapbox, but after seeing the flury of live.com announcements, I was totally expecting Warhol to come out under the live.com banner.  Maybe you at least put an CNAME record in the live.com DNS to redirect Soapbox.live.com to Soapbox.msn.com.
On a lighter note, was everyone else as disturbed as I was by the disco/robot/etc butterfly?