More Customer Service Praise: Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., Litter Robot

One other positive customer service experience.  We have 3 cats, and this past Christmas my wife bought me a Litter Robot, which was a great present since I take care of all the litter-box chores.  After years of jam-prone Littermaid cat-boxes, this thing was a dream.  Never jams, easy to remove the waste, easy to clean.  It’s a great design.  Everything was working great until this past Friday night.  We noticed that there were piles of litter on either side of the unit.  Closer inspection showed a large crack in the gear track.


Late Friday night I emailed the customer service address from the website with digital pictures showing the damage, and a PDF of our receipt.  Mid-morning on Saturday, I received an email saying that they would be mailing us a new replacement dome, and a refurbished base, since the new domes had a design change that wouldn’t be compatible with our original base.  Both pieces arrived today and our cats are back in “business”.  And looking at the new design, the problem we experienced won’t be happening again.

Like I said in my Verizon post, taking care of your customers with expediency and respect can go a long way toward making up for inadequacies in your product.