Gmail Invites and Community Building

I woke up to another six gmail invites today, so I distributed them through the Channel9 GmailRequestList Wiki. It’s a great place to give/get gmail accounts!

I _think_ the invites are rolling in (I’ve gotten 18 so far) because I’m _actively providing feedback_ to the gmail team. If you want invites, make good suggestions, or report a bug! I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but it seems to be working for me! I also had 6 waiting when I first signed up. Not sure how the system works, but it’s still fun to spread the joy.

I received a heartfelt thanks from David Ochoa, and a link to his game development site ( It’s always fun to connect to random people on the net! Good luck with the game David!

Update: Ok, it’s getting a little ridiculous, I just finished sending out 6 invites, and I’ve got another 6 available now. If you want an account feel free to email me directly or add your name to the Channel9 GmailRequestList Wiki.