Piling on: Our team rocks, and they’re hiring…


Matt and Patrick have both posted recently that our team is still looking for more full-time hires.  Patrick points out many of the perks, and Matt highlights how working for Microsoft in Charlotte can be a great opportunity.

I just wanted to add my thoughts into the mix.  I’ve only actually worked 2 weeks, and now I’m out on “ICL” which is how they refer to Infant Care Leave at Microsoft.  In addition to all the stuff Patrick highlights, this ICL thing is by far my favorite benefit so far.  Even though my youngest son was born before I joined Microsoft, they allowed me to take the same 4 weeks off that any new Microsoft dad gets.  (I’ll refer any questions about how this works to someone in HR, I believe you just have to take it within 6 months of the child’s birth.)

In the first two weeks, the team has been awesome, helping me get machines set up the right way, teaching me the tools that we use to manage workload, bringing me up to speed on the messaging technologies we support.  I’m very psyched to get back to work, but for now I’m making the best use of my ICL by getting the family moved down to Charlotte.  The truck left today with all of our stuff, and if all goes according to plan, we’ll be starting the new year in a new (to us) house down in Charlotte.

In summary, the benefits are awesome, lots of great perks, challenging and interesting work.  If you have ever thought about working for Microsoft but didn’t really want to consider moving to the west coast, seriously consider these openings, and feel free to contact me via the link on this blog if you have any questions for a “new-hire”.