Windows Home Server RTM’d

I’m late to the party, but if you haven’t heard, Windows Home Server has RTM’d.  Lot’s of bloggers already covering this.

From the outside looking in, this seems to have gone more smoothly than other Microsoft projects as of late.  Maybe Charlie Kindel can give us a post-mortem of how they managed to to keep things on track, or at least maintain the appearance of staying on track.

I’m looking forward to seeing the OEM machines actually hit the street, and see how they fare in the market. 

Windows Home Server Add-Ins I Don’t Have Time To Code

  1. Memory Stick Backups – A service that will run on my desktop or laptop and automatically back up my USB memory stick whenever I plug it in.  Each memory stick should be backed up to the same location on the server no matter which computer I plug it in to.

  2. Download Manager – Automatically hand off regular downloads from Internet Explorer to be downloaded and stored on my home server.

  3. User Account Sync – Automatically create user accounts on client PCs for each Windows Home Server user account.  Automatically update passwords.

  4. Favorites Sync – Sync my favorites to a folder on WHS. (I know I can do this with foldershare.  Add-in would be much better.)  Also include Desktop Sync, My Documents Sync, etc.