PSA, Spring has Sprung, Motorists should watch out for Cyclists

Just read about a very unlucky/lucky occurance where Microsoft’s Josh Ledgard managed to avoid major injury, but crunched a bike and suffered some scrapes and bumps due to the carelessness of a motorist. 

More and more folks are taking advantage of the nice weather by biking to work, and motorists need to remember that we need to share the road properly, and stay alert.  A 150 lb cyclists on a bike is no match for a 3,000 pound car or 5,000+ pound SUV, and Josh is lucky to have come out as well as he did.

If you want to read the harrowing account, head over to Josh’s blog.  And if you live in the Seattle/Redmond area, be on the look out for a dented “older, dark red, Nissan or Honda, with a huge dent in the right front passenger door”, since the driver left the scene of the accident.