New Windows Home Server CTP Build Available

Just got an email from Connect this evening announcing the availability of build 06.00.1371.  From a quick read it looks like it’s going to be possible to upgrade from the Beta 2 build.  There are lots of warnings about making sure that all of your data is backed up, and this is a great opportunity to remind everyone that WHS should NOT be the only place you are keeping your important files.  I use FolderShare to sync all of my important data to a partition on one of my clients (you can exclude this folder from your backup configuration to avoid overly large backups).

I’m downloading the new build now.  Can’t wait to see what has changed (going to go look at the release notes now…)

Windows Home Server SDK is Live

Charlie Kindel posted on the WHS blog announcing the availability of the SDK for Windows Home Server.  I did a quick read through and it looks like they’re allowing you to extend the platform in many different ways.  Pretty much every UI element is extendable: the WHS console, notifications & alerts, etc.  It also looks like you can peek and poke at almost everything WHS does with backups, hard disks & client computers.

We’ll probably see some trivial demos pop up relatively soon, and more complex stuff coming out in the coming months.  I’m real curious to see what scenarios developers will choose to tackle first.

A question for Charlie and the rest of the WHS team:  Are you setting up a gallery or some sort of marketplace for folks to post/share their WHS projects?  I’m thinking something similar to the way the folks have their Gadget Gallery.