Windows Server Home Will Finally See The Light

High profile bloggers including Mary Jo Foley, Ryan Block and Daniel Fleshbourne are confirming that the project known as Quattro is finally going to see the light of day at the upcoming CES.  I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that it’s going to be a cornerstone of Gates’ keynote speech.

The speculation about what exactly Quattro is ranges from a beefed up Vista MCE build, to a consumerized Storage Server build.  Whatever Quattro ends up being, I’m hoping that it addresses at least some of the concerns from my original Windows Server Home Edition post.

From the scarce information that has leaked out, it looks like this product is going to focus more on the storage and media side of the problem, and less on the users and management side.  Either way, making it easier for consumers to realize the benefits of Microsoft’s server technology is a good thing.  If people get used to the idea of a centralized box in their home, it will be easy to incorporate more functionality in the future.