Virtual Earth Mobile Updated

The Windows Mobile team has posted to their blog about an update to Virtual Earth Mobile. The new version is 1.67, and includes an option for a traffic overlay and a bunch of other fixes.

Virtual Earth Mobile is one of my favorite free Windows Mobile applications.  It runs great on my Motorola Q, and after I figured out how to hook up my Bluetooth GPS, it became very useful for in-city navigation.

I experienced some of the same install hiccups that others were commenting on on the update announcement post, but after doing a manual uninstall of the old version and restarting my Q, it installed fine.

If you’ve got a mobile device with an internet connection, this is a must-have package, and if you’ve got a Bluetooth GPS, it rocks!

I haven’t checked, but I don’t think they have updated the version posted to ViaVirtualEarth, so make sure you grab the cab file from the Windows Mobile Team Blog post.