Newsgator ate my clippings…

Update 8/21/2006, 8:19PM: Newsgator is on top of this.  They have escalated the bug, and will post updated info here:

Newsgator just ate approximately 300 entries that I had saved in the “My Clippings” folder.  I use Newsgator Online as my primary aggregator, and a technical glitch just made me really want to switch.

I had a pretty extensive collection of clippings.  A “Blog This” folder with about 10 entries.  A “Read in Detail” folder with many entries that I wanted to read when I had time to concentrate & absorb the information.  A couple of reference folders with info on different topics that I might want to look back on.  The list goes on and on, and now they’re all gone.

I was going through my clippings, and I was viewing a folder that had 4 entries in it.  I decided that I no longer needed any of the four entries, so I clicked the “Delete All Posts On This Page” button.  Well, instead of deleting all the posts on that page, it wiped out all 300 clippings I had made.  All gone.

I was able to repeat this by saving some current articles into different clipping folders, and trying the “Delete All Posts On This Page” button again.  Without fail, using this function wipes out ALL saved clips, not just the ones in the displayed page, not just the ones in the selected folder.  All of them.