Uninstalling Windows Live Mail Desktop for the second time.

The first time I installed Windows Live Mail Desktop, I had some problems with it freezing up, so I ended up abandoning it.  After the recent refresh, I decided to give it another try.  This time it turned out to be a much more stable platform.  In fact, it’s a very good mail client.  My only gripe has been that I haven’t been able to get one of my domains.live.com accounts to work with it (And yes, I signed the account up for the beta on ideas.live.com).

So why am I uninstalling a good product?  Well, I gave it 4 days, and it didn’t make my life any better.  While Microsoft has put together a great product with WLMD, I don’t really see any value above and beyond what I get from the online Windows Live Mail.  In fact, the online interface seems cleaner and more intuitive.

For now I’m sticking to the online Live Mail.  I might give the desktop version another try later, but really I wish it would look and function just like the online version, but with support for multiple accounts and a locally cached copy of my mail.

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