Zune vs. iPod, Are we having Fun yet?


“The way to subvert the dominant paradigm is to have more fun than they do, and make sure they know it.ā€ – David Eisenberg
This quote has been making the rounds on “sustainability” sites like Treehugger.com, but I think it directly relates to more frivolous matters, like the upcoming fight between Microsoft’s Zune media player and the iPod.
Most of the rumors I have heard so far about the Zune center around features.  Microsoft needs to understand that they aren’t going to win any battles against Apple on features.  Features can be replicated in a product cycle or two if they really matter to consumers.  Zune needs to be fun.  Zune marketing needs to be fun.  Not the geeky “look I got my Bluetooth GPS to sync with my smartphone” fun that we typically see out of Redmond, but rather the “Hey, have you heard this song, let me zap it to your Zune” kinda fun…

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  1. One of the big reasons for the zune is mobile web browsing. MS has been pushing for .mobi domains and now they can move forward.

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