Motorola Q – Verizon Confirms Crippled Bluetooth

Well, it looks like Verizon definitely did disable the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile for the shipping version of the Motorola Q.  After several back and forth emails trying to convince tech support that I actually knew how to pair a Bluetooth device, I received the following:

We apologzie for any inconvenience.  Currently, Verizon Wireless does not support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile on the Motorola Q.  We understand and apologize for any frustration regarding this but we are only able to provide information regarding products or services that we are currently offering. We are unable to disclose any unconfirmed information because it would be subject to change and could raise expectations that may not be met. If you would like to receive e-mail updates regarding new products and services, please click on “Sign up for email updates” from the “Support” tab located at the top of our homepage. {emphasis mine}

So, don’t plan on using your new Motorola Q from Verizon with and SPP devices like Bluetooth GPS receivers.

Like I said in my previous post, I’m still very happy with the phone.  I also think that Verizon has screwed up a bit in the fact that the Serial Port profile is (as of this writing) still listed as being supported on Verizon’s website.  This is probably a case of the PDF not being updated after business decisions were made to disable certain Bluetooth profiles, but the fact remains that Verizon is presenting false information about the capabilities of this product on its website.

I asked Verizon if they had any additional information to add, such as the rational for disabling SPP, or time frames for when it might be supported. I’ll update this post if I receive a reply.

Updated Info: HOW-TO: Use a Bluetooth GPS with the Motorola Q

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  1. DO you or anybody in your list have information on how to sync between a Palm treo and a Motorola Q–I am trying to also find software that will sync Outlook Express to the Q since it is so much easier to use??

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