Motorola Q Mini-Review

This is far from a complete review, but I figured I’d post my first impressions.

I love the size of the Q.  It fits comfortably in my hand.  Surprisingly it wasn’t too awkward to talk on.  With the exception of a short stint with an Audiovox SMT5600, all of my phones have been clamshells.  My Bluetooth headset (Motorola H500) paired up just fine.  My wife complained a bit abou the sound quality through the headset, but it may have been the fact that the phone was sitting withing 4 feet of two wireless routers, and my PDA and Tablet, with all of them using the same 2.4GHz spectrum that the Bluetooth uses.  I’ll follow up whith impressions when there’s no chance for interference.

The keyboard is very functional. Some characters are a bit hard to find, but that’s more a matter of learning than anything else.  I tried to dial a number that was listed with letters and numbers (1-888-BLUE-???) and ended up opening Skype on my handheld to find a dial-pad to decode the letters.  It’s not often that I need to dial “letters”, but for the cases when it’s necessary, a software solution that would let me hit the ALT key and then the actual letters would be cool.

Web browsing worked great over EVDO.  Dslreports showed a good 600k+ download rate.

The screen is bright, although the default timeouts are way too short.  I guess they’re trying to save the battery.

I’m going to have to do a bit of reading with the instructions manual to figure out the bells and whistles, but overall I’m happy so far.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.