More Subscribers? Thanks Scoble!

I logged in this evening to delete some comment spam, and I noticed that my little FeedBurner reader count on my blog had spiked up to the mid-nineties.  It generally hangs out around a slightly more modest 30 subscribers.  My first thought was that someone had linked to one of my posts.  I checked my referral logs, and the only thing I saw was a huge spike in visitors with a blank referrer.  I also ran a check against Pubsub, but still didn’t see any good explanation for the spike.  I then remembered that Robert Scoble had recently published his OMPL file via his blog.  I had clipped that entry to read later, since I was curious what blogs Scoble is reading these days, but I didn’t for the life of me think that my blog would be included.  A quick search of the document showed that my blog was indeed included.  Thanks to Scoble for including me.


For the new subscribers, here’s what you can expect from this blog.  I’m not a prolific blogger.  I post occasionally, and sometimes I go silent for a few weeks.  I only post when I feel I have something interesting to say.  I’ve found that when I force myself to post, I’m not as happy with what I produce.  I’m also balancing time between a job, a wife, two young kids, and I’m also working on a master’s degree.  I know everybody is busy.  I could make more time for blogging, but several of the aforementioned take a higher priority in my life.  I’m not trying to be famous or make money with my blog. I just like having a venue to publish interesting ideas & commentary.


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