Google finally launches a blog search engine (Beta)

Google has launched a Blog Search Engine (From DownloadSquad). 

It fairs pretty will for my favorite vanity searches:

Blobservations and Hallihan

Actually, I’m not being quite fair, it does awesome on those searches.  I’m pretty familiar with what those searches provide on Pubsub, Technorati, and the normal Google Search and MSN Search.  And it’s fast…  Two ways.  It had a nine hour old blog post as my first result, so it’s updating fairly quickly, and the UI is lightning fast.  No perceived wait (although I’m sure it’s measurable).

This is Google’s biggest advantage over MSN search.  Google has that perceived wait down to nothing.

While Google is late to the party on blog search, they have put together a quality offering that I’m sure will become many folks engine of choice for blog searching.