Tons of new stuff on MSDN Subscriber Downloads! (Maybe…)

SQL Server 2005 CTP, September 2005 (Many editions)…

What else?  Not sure..  As I tried to move forward in the new downloads list, the server became unresponsive, and now is just spitting out this error when you try to get to Subscriber Downloads:

An Error Has Occurred

We’re sorry. An error has occurred, and we cannot process your request. This may be a temporary problem, and you can try again in a few minutes.
You can try to:

Good luck downloading today, the servers are already showing the strain at 5:55AM Eastern, but that may also be because they are still uploading stuff as well.

Advice for Microsoft:  Get whomever keeps up and running to give the folks some pointers on load management & availability, and throw some more money at bandwidth and server capacity, especially when you know there’s going to be heavy demand.  You have no idea how many geeks you’re giving a bad impression to when you can’t handle the strain at the subscriptions site.  These are folks that are invested in your technology.  You want to keep them happy!  (I know it’s a hard problem, especially with multi-gigabyte iso downloads. Talk to your MSR folks and get their Avalanche technology integrated into the download manager {as a voluntary option}.  You guys & gals should be able to solve this…)