Blogger to dasBlog Redirect Hack

Using the following template, I have been able to redirect all the traffic hitting my old generated pages to the new pages hosted under DasBlog.  If you want to try this, change the dasblog_root variables, paste into your template, and then republish your blog.  It’s probably a good idea to backup your old template first.  No warranties or guarantees, use at your own risk!

For information on porting your content over, see my previous post.

<script language=”javascript”>
var dasblog_root=”“;

<script language=”javascript”>
var dasblog_root=”“;
var newpage=dasblog_root;
var oldstring=”<$BlogItemTitle$>”;
var newstring=””;
var toreplace=[‘-‘,”’,’!’,’ ‘,’:’,’;’,’,’,’.’,’+’,’!’];
for (i=0; i<toreplace.length; ++i) {




2 thoughts on “Blogger to dasBlog Redirect Hack”

  1. Some browsers don’t have javascript, or some people turn it off. You could do something simpler like this:
    META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
    CONTENT="6; URL="
    ChAnge to "CONTENT="6;
    To your desired refresh interval
    (I took out all the Opening & Closing <> tags so the comment would post! 🙂

  2. The META redirect doesn’t work for the individual post pages since I am using javascript to direct the user to the new post (based on the title). It probably would be a good idea to throw in the META redirect as a backup though, so that non-javascript users would at least get to the new homepage. Good suggestion, Thanks!

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