How-To: Add Blogpulse Hyperthreads to Your Blog

Blogpulse has an interesting feature called a Conversation Tracker. Basically this tool can take a permalink, and build a web showing the various blog entries that link to it, and the blogs that link to those, and so on.

If you use Blogger, you can add a link to Blogpulse by adding the following:

<a href=”<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>&max_results=50&start_date=20041229&#8243; alt=”Blogpulse Hyperthread for this Post”<{{Blogpulse Hyperthread}}</a>

anywhere in between the <blogger> and </blogger> tags. I added this to my blog template right after the <$BlogItemControl$> tag in my customized template. I’m sure that this should be pretty easy to implement with other blog engines as well.

This post carries no warrantees, since Blogpulse can change their interface whenever they want, but for now it produces some pretty interesting results!

Update: Just for a more interesting example, here’s a link to a hyperthread for Robert Scoble’s Crossfader teaser from last month…