Dell Axim X50v First Impressions

A recent birthday made me the proud owner of a Dell Axim X50v (Thanks Mom, Steve, & Matt!). Although my free-time has been limited, I figured I’d post my first impressions.

The screen is beautiful! 480 x 640 may not seem like much, but when you cram it onto a 3.7 inch screen, the pixels almost disappear. My last PocketPC was an Axim X5 and the difference in the screens is night and day.

Wi-fi is pretty great too. This is the biggest difference I see between the X50v and my last handheld. The fact that I can be connected at the kitchen table, out in the yard, wherever, makes a PocketPC so much more usable. With my old X5 I had lots of Avantgo channels setup, but the real-time browsing is just so much cooler. The range rivals that of our Laptop with a Netgear 802.11b card.

Next steps will include:

  • Buy a high quality screen protector. Suggestions are welcome!
  • Try out Skype.
  • Save up for a 512MB SD card.
  • Save up for a CompactFlash GPS receiver to be paired with Pocket Streets 2005.
  • Set up Ipodder, Doppler Radio, or some other software to download podcasts.
  • Figure out a good way to use the handheld for reading my RSS feeds.