Windows Server, Home Edition, Continued

I was pleased to see that my post about a proposed Windows Server, Home Edition, generated a fair amount of discussion accross the blogosphere.

Charlie Kindel provided support in this post.

Meandering-Blog had this post.

Chris Gonyea weighed in with this post.

Bill Lazar even likened my post to a Product Requirements Document.

And I received a mention and a link on Scoble’s main blog, in this post.

Most of the public discussion seemed to support the idea, with some detractors pointing out the unrealistic price point (I agree somewhat, but I still think that <$500 is the best target price.)

Other’s focused on my inclusion of MCE technology as a failing. My point #6, “Media Server – Take everything that Media Center does, and include it.” was probably a bit too broad. If you want digital video recording and time shifting, and a cool on-screen interface, then you should probably have a dedicated MCE PC. The home server should simply play nice with MCE, and serve as a media hub. Trying to include “everything” from MCE is unrealistic, and would drive the price up unecessarily.

I was a little disappointed that some of the other details went unmentioned: The idea that this would be derived from the Small Business Server code-base, the Remote-Backup subscription service, and the “Home Edition” licensing scheme. Each of these is a can of worms waiting to be spilled!

Thanks to everyone that weighed in on the dialogue!