RSS Search Results from MSN Search Beta

I’ve only had a few minutes to look at this, but it appears that you can obtain search results from the MSN Search Beta, simply by adding “&format=rss” to the end of the url. I read about this first on SearchEngineWatch.

The first thing I did was create an ego-feed on the name of my blog (“Blobservations”) and one of the returned links was from, specifically, this post. The interesting point is that the MSN Search Beta found this, but my Technorati search for inbound links didn’t pick this up. Now I know that this has to do with blog pings, and that Technorati probably would have picked it up if it had been properly notified. The point is that MSN search found it on it’s own, for a post that is roughly 37 hours old. That’s cool!

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how quickly it can find new blog content. I’ve got some MSN Search Beta “Feeds” in my blogroll now, so I’ll post more as I get a better feel for the performance.