MSN Desktop Search Today? Maybe?

The blogospher is buzzing with speculation and predictions about Monday’s Teleconference

The general concensus is that Microsoft if going to announce a desktop search product.

Robert Scoble has touched on this several times, and even provides a “Desktop Search Reviewers’ Guide”, which we can assume outlines how Microsoft’s offering is stronger & better than those from X1, Copernic, Google, and Yahoo!. This “guide to differentiation” is right in-line with a suggestion I made about the MSN Search Beta. Basically, if it’s not obvious, tell me why it’s better.

Neowin has their take here.

Mary Jo points to an alternate possibility of Microsoft launching Microsoft Office Outlook Live (MOOL) during the teleconference.

Maybe both? Maybe something more?

I’m hoping that Microsoft can deliver a little bit more than just a better desktop search today. Robert Scoble used words like “Wicked” & “Speechless”. Scoble is generally part of the “under promise, over deliver” camp. Even though contributing to the buzz is a far cry from a “promise”, it’s almost as bad to underdeliver on buzz as it is to fail to meet a promise.

Hopefully we’ll get a little more than we’re expecting.