More MSN Spaces Feedback

Ok, it’s been a few days, and I’ve got a few more thoughts and suggestions for the MSN Spaces team.

Import/Export on Blog Lists – It would be great if you would let me import and export blog lists as OPML, or even better, just let me point to an external OPML file and show the content in my space. Take this a step further, and let me point my “Blog” section to an external blog, and let me point my “Photos” to an external PhotoBlog. Consume the XML, format, and spit it back out. (I know it’s not quite _that_ simple, but it’s close…)

Copy/Paste – Copying a simple post from my normal blog into Spaces was painful. I had to manually copy paste urls and use the button to create links. It’d be great if the richtext editor could recognize and properly format some basic html.

Clear up that TOU, and Fast! – Michael Connolly tries to make it clear that rights on a user’s posts are not forfeited to Microsoft. The language of the TOU does not make this clear, and the FUD is flying through the blogosphere. The Spaces team is handling this pretty well, kudos for that, but the FUD is echoing…