MSN Spaces Redux, one day later…

Well, the first day saw slowdowns, error pages, many new “spaces”, complaints and praise.

Robert Scoble has been rounding up feedback.

I think the most significant part of this whole announcement is the fact that this service is not targetted at current bloggers.

It appears that Microsoft’s stated goal here is to bring the benefits of blogging (RSS, Pub/Sub model, Info sharing, Info Searching) to the masses, yet make it as simple to use as email or IM.

Here’s my wishlist:

Semi-WYSIWYG Spaces editor built in to MSN Messenger – Let me drag-drop pictures, audio, video & text, and integrate spelling & grammer checking.

Enclosures – I’m guessing you’re working on it. Again, integrate into Messenger. Maybe even give me a “record audio/video post” function. Focus on simplicity, Limit the number of clicks-to-publish.

Implement Categories – Then let me restrict access based on category.

RSS Feed Security – I know this one will take a while, but somehow figure out how to implement access restrictions on feeds. This may mean extending RSS a bit (I know MSFT has caught flak for the whole “embrace-extend” thing in the past, but RSS is supposed to be extensible!)

Customizable Themes – Background image uploads, color tweaking, etc.

Keep up the good work! V1 looks great!