MSN Spaces is Live!

In an announcement everyone was expecting, MSN Spaces went live today.

Scoble points to several reactions.

Scoble also lay’s out why it’s not going to get him to switch from UserLand.

I’m signing up to play with it, but I’ll echo Scoble’s comment # 2: If I can’t use my own (existing) domain, then I’m not going to migrate.

With that said, this new service might be the unified environment that brings blogging to the masses. We’ll just have to wait and see how well the marketing machine handles this one. A lot of us bloggers are echoing “yaawwwnnn”-like reactions, but remember, this may be the first blogging service that many internet users even consider using.

Now if only there was a smart client that would integrate with Spaces… I’m thinking something like: Right-click in Explorer -> Share Picture on MSN Spaces. now that’d be cool…