More Google News

According to their corporate blog, Google has aquired Keyhole.

If you’ve never tried this product, it’s quite impressive. It’s similar in concept to NASA’s World Wind, but with a much more refined interface and supported infrastructure. Basically, you start out looking at the Earth, and you can zoom to any level, search by address or place name, etc. It provides endless hours of “hey there’s my house” fun. On the practical side, it’s useful for checking out real-estate & vacation spots, and I’m sure Google has lots more in store for us.

My Newest Speculative Google Prediction

Ok, this isn’t based on fact or rumor. This is pure speculation based on a thought I had last night about something I believe would be useful and marketable.

Here’s the idea. Google partners with RIM or PalmOne to create a co-branded Google-Communicator, based on the BlackBerry or the Treo. You hit the Web button, and it takes you to an optimized Google search page. Hit the Email button and it takes you into your Gmail account. Tie this together with aGPS, and Google Local and you’re just a few chicklet clicks away from finding the nearest Pizza joint.

We know that Google is looking at this market space because of Google SMS. The questions is how far are they going to take it?

Google Desktop

O’Reilly has a good write-up on the features and workings of Google’s newest Beta, the Google Desktop.

So far it hasn’t done anything too useful for me (it’s been on my machine for about 2 hours), but I can think of plenty of times in the past when I wish I’d had this capability.

The one situation where it won’t help is when I can’t remember which computer I left something on. Now if I could tie together all the machines I use, and use the indexing to search accross them, that’d be awesome. Then let me build search groups for my teams at work, including servers. Then let me build family groups, friends groups, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Virtually pornographic display of software love

Ok, I’m not sure exactly what kind of search engine traffic the above phrase is going to attract, but I laughed out loud when I read it, so I had to link…

Anyways, its from a post by Ed Kaim that starts out talking about Microsoft ISV Empower program (which he describes with the above phrase) and then drifts laterally and finished up talking about bovine plastic surgery. Well actually, he’s talking about phone numbers, but he does mention bovine plastic surgery. If you have any questions about that, call 1-UR-PURTEY-OX, I’m sure Ed can explain better than I can…

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