Gmail Invites and Community Building

I woke up to another six gmail invites today, so I distributed them through the Channel9 GmailRequestList Wiki. It’s a great place to give/get gmail accounts!

I _think_ the invites are rolling in (I’ve gotten 18 so far) because I’m _actively providing feedback_ to the gmail team. If you want invites, make good suggestions, or report a bug! I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but it seems to be working for me! I also had 6 waiting when I first signed up. Not sure how the system works, but it’s still fun to spread the joy.

I received a heartfelt thanks from David Ochoa, and a link to his game development site ( It’s always fun to connect to random people on the net! Good luck with the game David!

Update: Ok, it’s getting a little ridiculous, I just finished sending out 6 invites, and I’ve got another 6 available now. If you want an account feel free to email me directly or add your name to the Channel9 GmailRequestList Wiki.

Microsoft MSNtv article on Gizmodo

Credit goes to Karim on Channel9 for pointing this out…

It looks like the target market is the “non-adopters”, or the folks who wouldn’t be on the internet otherwise, similar to WebTV. This is a small market, but I’m thinking the low price will make it fairly hot in the gift arena.

If this is too successful, Microsoft might even run into a situation where it cannibalizes other product lines. For those of us who provide “free tech support” to family & friends, this might be a lot more attractive of an option than repeatedly cleaning spyware of the old PC that we cobbled together from old parts, just so that someone can browse the web & write email. Granted, Micrsoft would probably love to see someone signed up for a subscription based service rather than have them using old licenses of Windows98 and Office97…