Fast Company is running a Brand Improvement Contest

Contest: How Can This Brand Be Better?

Help Fast Company reinvent these successful — and struggling — brands.

It’s an interesting contest, Microsoft and McDonalds are among the companies… It will be interesting to see the results! I’m not sure what I’d do with the prize (a three-hour branding consultation with Karen Post, author of Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands That Stick in Your Customers’ Minds , and a free, signed copy of the book.) but the contest looks like fun just the same.

Interesting Error on Bloglines

My aggregator ( just spit out an interesting error:

These guys evidently have a sense of humor. Kudos on that, and on the fact that every time I’ve emailed on tech-support-like issues (back when I was hosting my Blog on BlogLines) I would get a response in a couple of hours, and a resolution in less than a day (happened twice). Pretty awesome customer service for a free site. Reports: Virtual Server is now RTM “Virtual Server is now RTM”

In an SP2-like on-again-off-again fashion, Virtual Server 2005 has finally been RTM’d. I’ve used the release candidate to do some network modeling, and aside from some DHCP hiccups that seemed to resolve after a restart, it works great! I can’t wait to try the released version!

Note for the Virtual Server team: The Visual Studio already has dibs on the “VS” label. The VS2005 tag on the RC zip confused me several time over.