Is Godin’s “Purple Cow” turning into an Ideavirus?

I’m currently taking a Marketing class for my MBA, and I picked up Seth Godin’s “Ideavirus” and “Purple Cow” books as side-reading (unassigned).

Now I’m starting to notice these ideas picking up steam and showing up on blogs that I read. The latest is from Cameron Rielly (Crumpler bags have a Purple Cow)

I started digging a bit and found that Seth Godin actually has a blog as well. Subscribed, check!

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years as businesses try to change their marketing, and more importantly, their advertising models. Consumers are tired of all the noise, and traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness.

Apple Makes a Play for NT Orphans

Apple Makes a Play for NT Orphans

Ok, I’m a big Microsoft fan, and I build most of my customer solutions with Microsft technology (except for the occasional Linux box), so I’m not quite sure what to think of this. My first thought was, “Apple doesn’t do servers well, this won’t be a problem”. Of course the reality bug bit me and reminded me that is what people used to say about Microsoft before Windows NT was born.

Microsoft: Consider this your Call To Action… Differentiate yourself! Call all those heavy-brained folks that you’re hiding over in Microsoft Research and see what useful technologies you can fast-track to the server product. Don’t sit idly by as OS and Apple chip away at your market share…