Dry clean only?

Ok, so I was doing some housework last night. The sequence went as follows:

1. Picked up laundry hamper from upstairs.

2. Noticed that the cordless phone was also up stairs. Threw it on the top of the laundry so I wouldn’t forget to return it to its base.

3. Helped with my daughter’s bath.

4. Took laundry basket down to laundry. On the way noticed some more laundry and threw it in the basket.

5. Started the washer and….

Ok, here’s the point in the movie where the entire audience is yelling “don’t go in there!!”.

6. Dumped the entire basket into the washer.

About 5 minutes later I noticed some more laundry in the family room, so I went to toss that in the washer. As luck would have it, the phone bobbed to the surface just as I was about to close the lid. I retrieved the phone, did a full disassembly. I cut the plastic cover off the 3-cell rechargable battery pack, and patted everything dry.

I reassembled the phone this morning. It turns on and the display appears to function, but I didn’t have time to do a full check before work today. Will do a full functional check this evening. I’m optimistic about all the components except the speaker, microphone, and the ringer piezo.