Dry clean only?

Ok, so I was doing some housework last night. The sequence went as follows:

1. Picked up laundry hamper from upstairs.

2. Noticed that the cordless phone was also up stairs. Threw it on the top of the laundry so I wouldn’t forget to return it to its base.

3. Helped with my daughter’s bath.

4. Took laundry basket down to laundry. On the way noticed some more laundry and threw it in the basket.

5. Started the washer and….

Ok, here’s the point in the movie where the entire audience is yelling “don’t go in there!!”.

6. Dumped the entire basket into the washer.

About 5 minutes later I noticed some more laundry in the family room, so I went to toss that in the washer. As luck would have it, the phone bobbed to the surface just as I was about to close the lid. I retrieved the phone, did a full disassembly. I cut the plastic cover off the 3-cell rechargable battery pack, and patted everything dry.

I reassembled the phone this morning. It turns on and the display appears to function, but I didn’t have time to do a full check before work today. Will do a full functional check this evening. I’m optimistic about all the components except the speaker, microphone, and the ringer piezo.

Patting myself on the back…

I finally bit the bullet and took Microsoft Exams 70-292 and 70-296 today, upgrading my MCSE credential to Windows Server 2003. I’ve been experimenting with 2003 since the Beta days, and using it regularly since a couple days post-RTM. Didn’t manage to find any time to actually study, so I probably could’ve done better, but I came away with 2 “Pass” printouts.

The list now stands as:

MCSE Microsoft Windows 2003 15-Jul-04

MCSA Microsoft Windows 2003 15-Jul-04

MCSD For Microsoft .NET 23-Sep-03

MCAD For Microsoft .NET 5-Sep-03

MCSA Microsoft Windows 2000 16-May-03

MCSE Microsoft Windows 2000 31-Aug-01

MCDBA Microsoft SQL Server 2000 31-Aug-01

MCP 23-Sep-00

I go for certifications mostly as a personal challenge. They help motivate me to learn new things, and I’ve found studying for certs to be a good way to fill in the knowledge gaps that occur through OJT (i.e. you learn _one_ way to do things and never learn the other three that might be better in certain situations…)

Seth Godin’s perspectives on the popularity of blogs

Seth Godin asks: So, when did you last visit Hotbot?

It’s a nagging bit of perspective on the un-popularity of blogs and blogging. He also asks “I wonder when this tips?”, and I’ll point out that he can find the answer in his own book! In the box on page 34, Godin describes “Smoothness”.

Smoothness within the blogosphere is automatic, but to reach out of blog space into the rest of the internet isn’t very easy at all. Yes there are services like Typepad and Radio Userland available, but the general public isn’t going to pay to try out this blog fad. Even most free sites have a bit of a setup hurdle before the user begins to see some benefit.

So when will we get there? It’s got to be easy.. Dead-simple like IM or email. I should be able to right-click on a name in my contact list, and if that person has a blog, I should be able to preview/subscribe, two clicks max.

Here’s my prediction on the tipping point: It’ll happen when the free email services (Hotmail, Yahoo!, and GMail) integrate an aggregator into their interface, and provide free blogging capability with every account. I’d even bet that Google is already working on it. It’s only a matter of time…